Lamborghini is one of the most attractive yet perplexing brands in the high-end luxury car industry. Lamborghni is an incredibly powerful brand, and people love to look at pics of lamborghini just to admire their design and beauty. A viewer can sit for hours looking at lamborghini photos. There is even a guy somewhere out there that printed up a whole Lamborghini Gallery and glued the photos to the wall to motivate him. It works. At the end of the day, there are some interesting little facts about the brand that are worth knowing for Lamborghini enthusiasts.

The hierarchy goes up. Lamborghini was found as an independent entity in 1968. But Lamborghini did not really become a household name until it was bought fully by Audi in 1998. This put it under the larger umbrella of the Volkswagen Group. This means that yes, the ex-girlfriend's VW Bug is more closely related to Lamborghini than that reliable yet old Honda in the garage.

Lamborghini has a few little manufacturing oddities. One of the more intriguing is the stitching done in the car. Specifically, men are not allowed to work in the stitching center. This is not to say they cannot do it, but apparently developers trust the hand's of women only in the stitching of the interior.


Lamborghini has close ties to a tractor manufacturing entity. As a matter of fact, while the core Lamborghini brand most people know released the notorious Maserati MC12, that same year saw another release not far away. Another run of Lamborghini Tractors- crafted from the same design team as the Maserati and Gallardo.

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There is a legend that part of the creation of the Lamborghini sports car brand was from a complaint made by famous Ferrari co-founder, Enzo Ferrari. The gentlemen visited the offices of the Lamborghini tractor manufacturer unknowing they were working on specs and production on the Lamborghini. He said You're just a silly tractor manufacturer, how could you possibly know anything about sports cars?" Four months later the Lamborghini car launched.

Even actor Channing Tatum agrees in the absurdly funny action comedy adventure,22 Jump Street-Lamborghni is incredible. The great irony of the whole thing is that he never drove one in the movie. Though one can only hope they can drive a Lambo better than Jonah Hill's character. Click here for a whole rundown of Pictures of lambos. See them in all their action, barreling down the road or sitting and soaking in the sun.

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